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Near River Farm, located in the scenic  Blackstone River Valley of Central Massachusetts,  breeds beautiful athletic purebred Arabian horses.

Near River Farm

     Near River Farm breeds purebred Arabians for Sport, Show and Trail with a focus on amiable trainable dispositions, athletic performance, and Arabian type. Our goal is to produce horses with size and substance that will excel in its chosen discipline and do it beautifully year after year.  Our broodmares are of some the best Polish, Crabbet, CMK, and American lines.

       Each year breedings are carefully thought out and a stallion chosen to complement the mare, always looking for quality and striving for improvement. 

          All foals are imprinted at birth and handled daily. Training is done here on the farm using positive reinforcement for happy, people oriented youngsters. Foals leave here knowing how to give to pressure, lead, tie, clip, trailer, stand for farrier and vet. Horses are lightly started under saddle late in their 3 year old year so they are physically mature enough and capable of carrying a rider.

       Near River Farm is located on over 11 beautiful acres of a former sheep farm in East Douglas, Massachusetts.  We're located  in the southern most part of Worcester County at the tri-state junction of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The farm is easily accessed by routes 146 and 395 and is just a short drive from the Worcester and Providence airports. Near River is an Arabian Discovery Farm and visitors are always welcome by appointment.


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